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himalayan panorama 4C

After zigging and zagging on the winding, narrow road that could barely fit two cars going in opposite directions, the taxi driver stopped and said, “This is the place, Sir!”. I got down, camera in hand and peered hard through the rising late afternoon fog to see the vague outlines of the snow-covered Himalayan mountain range glistening in the far distance. The place where we stopped, called Lal Tibba 2,500-odd meters above sea level in the mountains of Mussoorie, was the closest we could get to see it. As I took out the camera from the bag, I suddenly realized with great disappointment that I had left behind the powerful 300mm zoom in the hotel and what I had brought with me instead was the ultra-wide angle 10-20mm. Damn! And so, distant as it was, the more the Himalayas became smaller considering the wrong lens I had brought.

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