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Ready To Set Sail

We were just about leaving to go island-hopping to the beautiful islands in El Nido when it started to rain. So we waited for it to stop and when it did, I took this shot of the low-lying clouds moving quickly across Cadlao Island. In a few minutes the sun came out though it didn’t last long.

(Shot with a Nikon D300s in El Nido, Palawan)


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Against the Wind

Our boat headed into a squall as we cruised the islands around Bacuit Bay and It was fun to be sitting up front with the wind blowing through your hair. The monochromatic background greatly contrasted against the bright blue paint of the prow and the reddish rust of the anchor.

(Shot with a Nikon D300s in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines)


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Sunset On Cadlao Island

The sun was about to set behind Cadlao Island which was silhouetted against the horizon with its top reflected on both the sea and the infinity pool of the Cadlao Resort where we were staying. The low-lying clouds made for an interesting background which made up for the absence of the azure sky.

(Shot with a Nikon D300s in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines)