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It was at the height of Queen Hatshepsut’s 22-year reign 3,500 years ago when this temple was built near the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the Nile. This colonnaded structure of breathtaking harmony still stands proud … Continued


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The Hills of Lisbon

Gazing from the top of the Elevador de Santa Justa, you get a panoramic view of the hilly city with its whitewashed buildings topped by terracotta tiled roofs. It still exudes much of its old world charm complete with castles and Moorish battlements which make it a really great place to explore.


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Turning Torso

Just across the Oresund Strait from Copenhagen stands the tallest building in Scandinavia called Turning Torso. Designed by Santiago Calatrava – he based it on the form of a twisting human being – this building clad in white marble stands 190 meters high and houses a residential apartment in each floor. Would i love to live in one of them!

(Shot with a NikonCoolpix5000 in Malmo, Sweden)


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The Forbidden City

Right in the center of Beijing is the Forbidden City, a sprawling complex of 980 buildings sitting on an 80-hectare piece of real estate. For 500 years, this was the home of China’s emperors as well as the country’s political center from the 14th to the 19th century.

This is the entrance gate where we bought tickets for half a day’s tour which barely skimmed the surface such that we never even made it to the very end of the complex.


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Some two thousand years ago, this place was pulsating with activity as crowds roared, animals and men fought to the death in mortal combat. But this time, as I walked around the Colosseo, only the soft crunch of gravel filled the still, morning air.

The sun hadn’t come out yet and an interesting cloud formation hovered over the scene so I decided to shoot this HDR style in order to get better details. So I merged four shots to come up with this image which, I think, captures the atmosphere quite nicely.


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Beautiful Bellagio

Stunning! That’s what I could think of when the boat approached Bellagio on that cold morning with clouds partially enveloping the horizon. Straddling the tip of the peninsula that splits Lake Como into two, this holiday destination looks as pretty as a postcard and lives up to all the hype that you read about: splendid hotels and villas with gardens overflowing with flowers that bedazzle your eyes, old cobblestone streets with cozy corners where you could sip your capuccino as you watched the world go by, and great views wherever you turned to look. What else could you ask for!


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Traffic on the Chicago River

I was attending the Neocon Design Fair when I happened to pass by the end of a corridor and was surprised to see that the Chicago River was just right below the window. It was a beautiful sunny day where the only movement was by a slow-moving boat when, suddenly, two trains rumbled down the bridge coming from opposite directions. I automatically grabbed the camera and shot.

(Location: Chicago, USA)

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