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Hemmed in by mountains on one side and the sea on the other side, this small Principality has thrived well and prospered in what has become a playground for the rich. Just look at all the multimillion-dollar yachts berthed in … Continued


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The Solomon Guggenheim Museum, all clad in titanium, seems to look like a ship sailing down the River Nervion in Bilbao, Spain. I shot this very early in the morning when it was slightly drizzling before the breaking dawn.


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  In Segovia, a 2000 year-old stone aqueduct built by the Romans bisects the town into two. Almost a kilometer-long section still stands with 118 arches. Its sheer height of 30 meters is quite awe-inspiringĀ  and it is a must … Continued


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Beautiful Bellagio

Stunning! That’s what I could think of when the boat approached Bellagio on that cold morning with clouds partially enveloping the horizon. Straddling the tip of the peninsula that splits Lake Como into two, this holiday destination looks as pretty as a postcard and lives up to all the hype that you read about: splendid hotels and villas with gardens overflowing with flowers that bedazzle your eyes, old cobblestone streets with cozy corners where you could sip your capuccino as you watched the world go by, and great views wherever you turned to look. What else could you ask for!


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The Eden Project

Buried in an old pit mine site, these domed biomes look quite unearthly – like an alien spaceship that landed from out of nowhere. The two huge structures hold thousands of plant species representing the various regions on earth from temperate to dry to cold ecosystems.

We drove all the way from Heathrow Airport in London to get to this place in Cornwall at the the southwestern end of England.


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A Villa Fit for a King

Driving north to Tremezzo along the road that skirts picturesque Lake Como, I felt the urge to pee and what better place to stop and do the deed than in this grand luxury hotel Villa d’Este with its beautiful Italian Renaissance garden. Commissioned by Cardinal d”Este – the son of the infamous Lucrecia Borgia – in the 14th century, this palatial setting is surrounded by a spectacular terraced garden with troughs, pools and fountains. But the biggest draw is Lake Como itself viewed from behind as you walk around the spacious grounds. I stayed for over two hours (after using the impressive marble-cladded bathroom!), shooting the place from various angles and waiting for the sudden downpour to stop.

(Shot with a Nikon D300s in Cernobbio, Italy)